Eternal Night

Infinite weight of fear,
black hole of human soul
drawing towards its density
of dark gravitation.
The very light of stars
spirit imploding inwards
in violent collapse of being.
Fragile ego, helpless
victim of voracious appetite,
destroyer of worlds.

Where universe, the force
to defy dark fear?
Impotent, intellect shatters
crystal under the hammer.
Pathetic, love withers
faster than flesh
tossed to the furnace.
Pompous, will crumbles
no less the rocky cliffs
before the onslaught
of angry sea.

Simple, faith holds
to Higher Power.
One greater than self:
Great Spirit, Vishnu
Allah, Jehovah, Pan
Choose any name
call on it softly.
Faith displaces fear,
saves the soul
from eternal night.