July 2002

Warsaw, Poland

Here is an updated photo, what do you think of the new hairdo? OK, don't answer that ;-)



7-11-02 -- My stay in Poland has been extended several times now. That is fine with me, it is a good place to spend a summer. I celebrated my 41st birthday with a meal at a Mexican restaraunt with my friends Grzegorz and Pawel. We had a nice dinner and were joined for a desert of ice cream by our friend Anna.

Here is photo of Grzegorz Kornacki, Pawel Bartusch and myself:


Grzegorz and Pawel are really great guys to work with, they have made my stay here in Poland a very positive experience.

Here is a photo of Pawel hard at work on the GSM network, uhmmm... or maybe that is the new Wolfenstein 3D...


I don't buy much in the way of tourist trinkets for myself, but I found some wood carvings that I really liked. They are very cool.

Check out my wooden devils.


7-15-02 --I went out sightseeing over the weekend. I went several parks, palaces and museums. Here are some more photos of Warsaw...


7-19-02 -- I went with with Pawel and his wife Ilona to see a performance of Mozart's Requiem. It was performed by the "Warsawska Opera Kameralna" at the Kociol Seminaryjny. It was great. I have not been out to enjoy any classical music for many months and it reminded me that I need music in my life. 

7-27-02  -- I made a couple of new friends this week: Iwona and Magda. Iwona is helping me to learn Polish. Magda speaks Spanish as well as Polish and English and wants to move to Argentina. She is also a painter. They both are students of classical guitar and are both very interesting and nice people.