August 2002

Warsaw, Poland

Walkin around Warsaw, I was struck by how many people try to make some money by playing music in the streets of Old Town and in the the parks and other public areas. I think that the presence of performers in the streets adds greatly to the charm and ambiance of Warsaw. Poles love music and dance. Here is a the beginning of a photographic essay on music and street performance in Warsaw.

Warsaw: A city of music


Vacation :-)

I took a week of vacation and traveled in Poland by train and by bicycle. I left Warsaw on Friday evening and went to Wroclaw by train. I took my bicycle with me on the train. I arrived late in the evening in Wroclaw and rode my bike from the train station to a campground on the edge of town. I slept outside under the open sky. The next morning I went sightseeing around Wroclaw.

Wroclaw: 18, August 2002

My friend Iwona had been traveling around Poland by bike with a Catholic youth group on a three week pilgrimage culminating in Krakow with masses held by the Pope. I was a little hesitant to go there since the Pope had been the all weekend and had attracted several million additional visitors. But since I wanted to meet Iwona and get going to Zakopane... I took a train to Krakow in the afternoon. On the train to Krakow I met avery nice (and attractive) lady named Justyna. She said she lived in Myslenice, a small town south of Krakow.

Krakow: August 19, 2002

We set off the next day to Zakopane by bike. We planned to ride all the way there.. Iwona had trouble keeping up with Peter's pace and by the afternoon, he decided to part company and take a different route. We decided to find a train station and go the rest of the way by train. We rode all day. It was a really nice ride.By chance, we ended up spending the night in Myslenice (hi Justyna!). The next day we took the train to Zakopane.

The way to Zakopane: by bike and train: August 20, 2002

Zakopane is a small town that is a major Polish tourist center. it is located in the far south of Poland in the Tatra Mountains on the border of Slovakia. I spent the week there, here are a few photos from my stay.

Zakopane: A home in the Tatra Mountains

Zakopane: Bicycling in the Tatras

Zakopane: A relaxing vacation

I left Zakopane on Sunday evening and went back to Warsaw by car, packed my things and then to the airport to fly back to Dallas. It was an exhausting two days of travel. I spent two weeks in Dallas before returning to Warsaw again. I was able to visit with Rita and spend time with Sweetie Pie.