Guadalupe Mountains

September 1999

View of Guadalupe Mountains from the east on highway 82/180. 


Closer view from the southeast.

Ilse and I spent 3 day in the Guadalupe Mountains National Park.
We made a day hike in McKittrick canyon, a side trip to Carsbad
Caverns to see the bats, and an overnight hike to the top of
Guadelupe Peak.  Here are more photos of our trip.

Day 1: Park Headquarters, McKittrick Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns

Day 2: Guadalupe Peak: the hike up and the view from the top

Day 3: Sunrise on Guadalupe Peak and the descent
 We enjoyed our trip so much we decided would return later in the fall to see the season change. See our adventure's in the Guadalupe Mountains Part 2.