The outer siding will be 1x6 tongue and groove cedar. I first treated it with a sealer-preservative to keep it from aging. I like the natural color and don't want to paint it. Here I have rabbeted the bottom edge of the first course where it will lap over the steel frame.


Here is the first piece set.


I left a 3 space to the corner. I will use 2x6 cedar boards for trim and the will overlap the T&G siding ends.


The siding in nailed using special 3 1/2 stainless steel nails. Unpainted cedar will react to regular steel nails and bleed. Two nails are placed at each stud placed 16 O.C. Where the boards meet on the ends, they are cut at a 45 degree bevel and lapped.


The siding is cut to fit in the groove in the bottom of the window sill.


And cut fit around the horn of the sill.


Looks like progress :-)


The back porch is cover with tar paper/hardiboard/thinset and finally porcelain tile. Looks kind of messy...


But it cleans up nice.


I put a little tile at the base of the wall, it looks nice and will take abuse better than the wood.


I used a dark colored grout for the tile on the back porch.


This is the bathroom. I made checkerboard pattern with alternating light and dark tiles running at a 45 degree angle. The same pattern will continue up the wall where the hardibacker is seen. Above that the walls will be covered with 1x6 T&G redwood siding. The kitchen will be all tile and the rest of the house will have hardwood floors and either cedar or redwood paneling.